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Crack Network
This tutorial helps you to crack (remove) advertisements from applications , games and helps you open application or games without ads!
How To Remove Ads:
To Remove ads from any application and games you need jar file and other two applications.Use BluetoothFTP and rename _jar to .zip and extract all items inside zip file to a new folder {eg: New Folder} . Now inside the folder you will find many .class format files . In them there will be a file named "vservmanager.class which contains ads.
Note:vservmanager class file will not be in same folder or same in different games and applications.
In This page there will be application which helps you to crack ads. Download application and open the folder where you had extracted zip contents. There you will find vservmanager.class then click on it.
Application will ask for your permission when you click on vservmanager.class . When the file is saved. Go to BluetoothFTP select all files and compress to zip then rename .zip to _jar and then go to filemanager rename _jar to .jar
All apps and games internet cannot be removed as some requires network to run app or game
Required Tools
2)Crack Network
This Tutorial will work on all mobiles
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