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MetroUI Asha
Change Asha into Windows 8 Lumia Metro style,,, oh! Forgot to say these are HD icons,, we also provoide theme edited by us along with this! enjoy METRO make your friends believe you have changed windows 0S
How to change
BluetoothFTP app is important for changing icons of your mobile apps in Asha series
Download zip file from this page and extract it using bluetoothftp app
Dont close bluetoothftp , Go to my apps folder in your memorycard , "my apps" folder will contain your apps folder
Open folders inside "myapps" folder (eg:Ucbrowser) folder contains icon which appears in Main menu
Inside there will be file bears name "_l.png.icn", go to the folder where you extracted our icons you will find ucbrowser icon
Rename our icon also as the orginal file "_l.png.icn" now last part is copy and paste our icon to myapps>ucbrowser folder,, (overwrite) Done!
No change in icons when you go to main menu. Don't worry just swithch off and switch on your mobile wow!
Metro UI Icons
Metro UI Theme
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