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Delete System Files
supported devices:All Nokia Asha Mobiles
Why To Delete:
Asha Mobiles contains pre-installed contents like ringtones , wallpapers , frames , cliparts etc. These take phone memory and reduce your free space and makes your device to work slower
Step 1:
For deleting system files you need the help of bluetoothFTP application and you need to rename any file to the same name of your pre-installed file. If your pre-installed file name is {Nokia Tone.aac} rename any file to Nokia Tone.aac
Step 2:Pre-installed Files will be in phone memory same like above file you want to mark and move to c:/predeftones/ringtones.
Step 3:
When you try to Move the item must not move saying the following
N Item Not Moved
Moving Details:
Item name(s) already
exists in target folder : N
Step 4:
When the above message has been popout in your device now press ok and delete items
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