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Jad & Jad Making
Method 1:
This Tutorial Will help to make jad and jar using backup method in asha series . This method is supported only in asha 305 , asha 306 , asha 307 , asha 308 , asha 309 , asha 310 , asha 311
1. When you install any app using ucbrowser , operamini or express browser jar file will be copyrighted (cannot be used)
2. If you install jar files you may not get jad file
Step 1:
Install Applications or Games from nokia store or any browsers when installation completed go to memory card you will find them in my apps folder {e:/my apps} move the application or game to phone memory to my apps folder {c:/my apps}
Step 2:
Moving step completed now ensure that its moved and close files . In main homepage select settings > sync & backup > create backup > tick only apps & games
Step 3:
Backup file will be saved in memeory card {e:/backup files} . Open bluetoothFTP application and open backup files folder you will find your backup file {backupxxx.NBF} and you are required to rename the backup file from {.NBF to .NBF.zip}
Step 4:
Open zip file you will see a folder named predefjava open it and again open predefcollections now you will find both jad and jar file inside this folder select them extract items
Screenshot Tutorial
Jad Making
Method 2:
This Tutorial teaches you how to make jad file using jar file. Minicommander plays most important role in making jad file from jar file
Step 1:
Download jar file of application or game to which you are required to create jad file.
Step 2:
Open Minicommander locate the folder where jar file situated in memory card. If you have saved file in {e:/received files/file.jar} open e:/ and received files.
Step 3:
Click on file followed by options , a menu will popout bearing some options . In the submenu select File and select 6th option Make Jad. Jad file will be saved along with jar file
Name: Minicommander
Size: 269.75KB
Type: Java/application
Screenshot Tutorial
Jad Making (Manual)
Method 3:
when we talk about jad files, a thought came that there is one more file. that is manifest.mf file which is likely similar to jad file but actually it's not. OK so what makes the manifest.mf so different from .jad file. That is your manifest.mf lacks two lines which is:

here "midlet-jar-url" is not very important coz we put anything in url of jar file. Now a question rises why we can't make jad files by adding two lines in manifest.mf . So i will tell you how to do it.
Step 1:
Download your jar file with uc browser and save it as .zip(ex. Mygame.zip)
Open BlueFTP and locate your mygame.zip
Highlight the cursor of blueFTP over your file and press 7 to open item info box. There you see some lines like this: (in my file, it looks)
Path: /E:/
Size: 603.80kb
Byte: 618.293
Date: 28/03/2014
Time: 8:59:54
notice the 3rd line. It is size of your jar file in bytes. Note down it in a separate paper. In my case it is 618.293, so note it as 618293.
Step :2
Open bluetoothFTP application extract Manifest.MF inside jar file by rename _jar to .zip. Now close bluetoothFTP and open any text editor (operamod) and open and edit Manifest.MF add these lines
MIDlet-Jar-Size: 618293
MIDlet-Jar-URL: mygame.jar
Rename Manifest.MF to Name_jad
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