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Replace Default browser to Opera Mini

Express Browser Replaced
Why To Replace?
All services started Nokia are stopped by MicroSoft. Nokia dropped its support for java mobiles so you will need to replace your inbuilt browser to opera browser
1. Nokia Social
2. Nokia Chat
3. Nokia E-mail
4. Nokia Store
5. Nokia Express browser
To replace express browser with opera mini click on below links for your mobiles
s40 series
Official Link(ver 4.5)
Zipped File(ver 4.5)
supported : s40 , asha 2xx , 3xx , x2 , c series
Asha Latest Series
Official Link(ver 8.0.4)
Zipped File(ver 8.0.4)
supported : asha 500 , 501 , 502 , 503
Other Services By Opera
Download old versions and latest version for all mobiles
OperaMini Versions
Opera Mini official forum comment your views and share feedback
OperaMini Forum
Download Opera Mini Latest Version For all mobiles
OperaMini Mobile
Report Bugs (errors) about opera mobile , pages , sites etc, open in opera
OperaMini Bug Report
Official Link

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