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Change Apps Icon
New method for changing icons
Now you can change icons of your apps manually! With our HD icons corect blunt edge shape of icons specially designed for Asha series!
Why To change??
Many apps and games downloaded from ovistore dont have good icons and they give a bad look to phone.
How to change:
Step : 1
BluetoothFTP app is important for changing icons of your mobile apps in Asha series.
Step : 2
Download zip file from this page and extract it using bluetoothftp app.
Step : 3
Dont close bluetoothftp , Go to my apps folder in your memorycard , "my apps" folder will contain your apps folder
Step : 4
Open folders inside "myapps" folder (eg:Ucbrowser) folder contains icon which appears in Main menu
Step : 5
Inside there will be file bears name "_l.png.icn", go to the folder where you extracted our icons you will find ucbrowser icon
Step : 6
Rename our icon also as the orginal file "_l.png.icn" now last part is copy and paste our icon to myapps > ucbrowser folder,, (overwrite) Done!
Step : 7
No change in icons when you go to main menu!! Don't worry just swithch off and switch on your mobile wow!
Some may not understand the above tutorial , to understand the above tutorial here is Screenshot Tutorial
Name:Asha Apps Icons
Download:Icon Pack
Name:Asha Apps Icons2
Download:Icon Pack
Name:Asha Apps Icons3
Download:Icon Pack
Name:Asha Apps Icons4
Download:Icon Pack
Our Team needs some best icons modders / editors. We take new icon modders into our team. If you are interested contact Palani Smart via message. Must be expert.
Page modified on 2018-02-03 09:24:58

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