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Camera Sound
Why To Turn Off:
Camera Sound Option has been removed from devices as there are many disadvantages of camera sound being turned off. But with camera sound turned you cant take pictures in public as you will be notified.
Step:1 Download backup files for your mobile model
Step :2
Go to Saved location of the downloaded backup file
Step :3
When you see backup file click on it . Backup file will ask your permission to restore the Settings of your device
click continue and your device will be restored with new settings of backup file and your device will restart and if you check you camera settings you will find new settings just shown in above picture with camera sound on and off settings
Backup Files:
 Nokia Asha 305
 Nokia Asha 306
Nokia Asha 310
Nokia Asha 311
Camera sound , asha 305 , asha 306 , asha 310 , asha 311
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