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Asha 311 List View
Note:This Trick is failure and not nice looking and this Failed. Backup file will work only one time
Did you got bore seing your mobile grid menu now its time to change menu style of your mobile,,, HO! no there is not option to change,, ya we too know! Follow our steps get list menu! and enjoy!
How We Go It??
We got it by an accident one of our admins tested this , and we got idea how list view is been aranged in phone,, we had tested this with our admins and users! And got positive result except few bugs 2-5 icons will appear blank but you arrange it as your wish
How To Obtain List view??
Download backup file provoided by our team
Restore backup file only asha311 supports as the backup is taken in asha311
Now go to phone MENU > SETTINGS > SYNC AND BACKUP > Make a backup of all contents and save it in memory card
Go to Settings >Restore Factory Default> All (full restore) wait and Done!
Asha 311 Backup
Think 4-5 before you use this backup file trick . Dont Share untill you know how to get back grid view.
For Emergency contact Admin Help Here

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