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Notifications Collection

Notification Pushes online notifications from apps which are able to push notifications. This app widely used by asha users and are very much helpful in getting notification of messages and other activities inside the even the user is not active in the app , he will be notified with it!
Download your desiered file. Use bluetoothftp to extract files from zip file. Open bluetoothftp app locate zip file when you click on zip file it will open go to menu select all again menu select extract . Come back and again menu extract items here. Go to files rename _jad to .jad and _jar to .jad . Done enjoy new push notifications

Download Files:
 Notifications 1.4.11
 Notifications 1.4.13
 Notifications 1.5.07
 Notifications 1.5.18
 Notifications 1.6.04
 Notifications 2.0.11

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