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Opera Mod - Thawte Signed
Hai Users; This time i am back a long a time with thawte signed opera mod 4.2 (nokia mobiles. Last time i had given you how to make a opera mod into android like browser with manual settings i hope so you will like it. Now you need not give "yes" always you have a signed version now.
I searched for more than 3 days and found this opera mod atlast but it has russian language you have change it to English using our language-en.txt.
How to Change Language
Open Zip file provoided by us extract every item inside zip file. There will be two folder Opera Mod & Language - en
Open Opera Mod folder and Rename opermod_jad to operamod_jar to operamod.jar. DONT OPEN OPERAMOD after installing it will say certificate not in phone or sim
Go to Settings > Time & Date > Change 2014 to 2012. Now open the app it will Open.
Opera Mod is in Russian Language change to English using.
Go To Settings > Tools > General as show in picturess1 Now Scroll Down to the last in general you will find this field ss2 Select Language-en.txt by browsing.Close Browser and Open it now
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