Move Applications To Collection In Nokia 2730 Classic
100% Works Without Pc
Published On 18/03/29

move application nokia 2730 classic

Hai Nokia 2730 Users!
This Trick will work on your mobile and you will be able to successfully move applications installed on Apps > Games folder to Apps > Collection Folder Not Only This You can also directly Install Apps into these folder instead of gallery!
* Bluetooth FTP JAVA
* Nokia 2730 Classic
* Bluetooth FTP Android
* Android Mobile

Step 1
screenshot 1You need a android device to complete this process. Install Bluetooth Ftp In your android device and open it click bluetooth symbol right side top and bluetooth menu will open
Step 2
screenshot 2Bluetooth Menu Opens with a option to enable Bluetooth in your android device, next bluetooth search menu opens!
Step 3
screenshot 3Bluetooth Will Be Turned On in your android device
Step 4
screenshot 4BluetoothFTP will start searching for available bluetooth devices around your device
Step 5
screenshot 5
Click on desired device you want to connect with, application will ask for code, enter same code on both devices and device gets connected
Step 6
screenshot 6
Now Everything Is done after connected you will see the folder of nokia 2730 classic phone or memory open folder Applications > Games
Step 7
screenshot 7 You will find your installed application in games long tap it and select move (*select jar & jad including .rms of particular app alone)
Step 8
screenshot 9 Now Go to Application > Collection folder and long press and menu appears "paste 2 items here" tap on to move everything is done now! If you like this tutorial leave your valuable comment and press star and up sign! thank you.